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Chris Riss (Christopher Rissanen) was born September 27th, 1988 in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, on Vancouver Island. At the age of 8 Chris moved to a small town on Vancouver Island called Qualicum Beach. Chrisís childhood was influenced by negative role models and bad choices. In his late teen years Chris started to turn over a new leaf and found God. Chris attended a church for 2 years until his pastor kicked him out. Chris was left confused about his faith but continued searching for truth.

In Chrisís early 20ís he had gotten engaged but did not remain faithful. A year into the relationship Chris cheated with another woman. This experience sparked an addiction of lust for more women. But despite Chrisís bad choices Chrisís fiancť stuck by his side for a period of 6 years. In 2015 Chrisís fiancť finally had enough and ended the relationship. It was at that time Chris had gone off the deep end again and continued living a life of sex, drugs, partying, and soul searching.

On November 13th, 2015 Chris had been up for days high on drugs. He was at the point where his mind could not possibly handle anymore substances. Chris sat on the floor of his garage, his head spinning in circles, realizing that drug abuse is absolutely a waste of life. It was there on that floor that Chris made a life changing decision to never do chemical drugs again, and has since remained faithful to his choice.

In early 2016 Chris started to take his walk with Jesus Christ, his music career, and his entrepreneurship seriously again. Chris is a positive role model and hopes his actions influence the world to become more positive and compassionate, bringing people together in unity to love and care for one another. Chris is currently releasing new music and is the founder of multiple businesses, brands, and a nonprofit organization. Chris currently resides on Vancouver Island in Qualicum Beach and plans to win his ex fiancť back and become an amazing husband and father.

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